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For a long-term smooth operation of the machinery and equipment is a sufficient, but not an oversizing of decisive importance.
In order to minimize deformations and dynamic effects or voltages, static, time, optimize operating strengths, we use the latest computational and analytical methods.

To the demand for ever shorter development and throughput times for optimized product fairly to be, can be detected at any early stage of the process of development virtual prototypes created and FE analyses performed

This is the key to your success.

We can assist you to develop high quality and cost-optimized products within a short time.

With a FEM- solution from ANSYS and our 3D CAD program we offer you a professional support for analyses in the structural mechanical- static and dynamic as well as in thermal division.

If you have any questions simple speak to us.

We use following CAD- systems.
For the efficient exchange we offer you following interfaces:

STL, Parasolid, Xt, prt, crg, IGES, SAT, SLDPRT, STEP, DWF, DWG &DXF

For the efficient exchange we offer you following interface